Last Fake Happy World : 'Terrifying Tales of Unusual Horror'

New from T.B.O.A. Sad, the underground horror anthology 'Last Fake Happy World!' In the tradition of Creepshow, Night Gallery and Tales From the Darkside, Last Fake Happy World is a vault of offbeat and tasteless horror. Not for everyone, the included stories range from Halloween-costumed psychosis to a roadkill's unholy revenge, caged children beneath the cemetery and even a Tunnel of Love in Hell. All of this and things better left unsaid in the 17 unforgiving tales of Last Fake Happy World.. Now available on Amazon by clicking here, or via the secure paypal checkout below! 


Last Fake Happy World


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Author T.B.O.A. Sad returns with an anthology set to horrify and astound! 17 tales of dark days and of strange contentments. Experience dire deaths and ghoulish kidnappings, bodies reassembled and broken-human toys. Within these haunted pages, pain and heartbreak know no limit. Take Death's hand into happiness, dare to enter the Last Fake Happy World.. Paperback, 216 pages (Orders placed here include $1 shipping and will be mailed out in 1-2 days. Please contact for international rates or any questions!)

Nikko and the No-Life King

Here was a look at the pre-barcode scan of the 5th book's cover. 'Nikko and the No-Life King' - I stand by this book as one of my absolute favorite projects. So many strange and world-bending concepts came together in those pages, and I really think I succeeded at what I set out to do here.

 A damaged female lead committing accidental suicide, going on a great adventure through a horrible land, all along something worse haunting her within. Appearing within her thoughts - specifically her memories - the 'No-Life King.' A memory-destroying monster/parasite, sort of a black-armored barbarian meets Freddy Kruger.  Throw in transforming animals and talking skulls, bikini girls and mountain gods, milk robots and broken-leg nurses, living castles, bottomless kisses, hungry ghosts, adult movie stars and a cast of hundreds.. It makes me happy to revisit these pages sometimes, as draining as it was to create it.

CoolToDie World

This was at a wild time in life, and I met so many interesting readers through this book's distribution. While really rough around the edges - including an entire first chapter I would love to completely rewrite - some readers still say this is their favorite out of all of my books. Is there something wrong with them? Of course there is. CoolToDie World is officially retired from distribution.