T.B.O.A. Sad : Fantasy-Horror novels

In addition to the stuffed animal toylines and punk fashion, T.B.O.A. Sad is also recognized as a fantasy-horror author. 5 published books, an underground following and countless complaints later - And it's time for the next big thing.. 

***Book Project 2018***

Hard at work with the collecting of themes and inspirations, the 6th book is already in the works. As secretive as I always am, specifics will be far and few between - but here's what I will say at this point. This will be a physical paperback release as always. It will be Fantasy-Horror, but even darker than usual. And as a new twist, instead of one winding story, this time we will be going the old 'Creepshow' and 'Tales from the Darkside' route, unleashing an anthology of cringe-worthy fantasy-horror from the darkest corners of my mind.. Releasing Fall 2018!

Nikko and the No-Life King

Here was a look at the pre-barcode scan of the 5th book's cover. 'Nikko and the No-Life King' - I stand by this book as my absolute favorite production. So many strange and world-bending concepts came together in those pages, and I really think I succeeded at what I set out to do here.

 A damaged female lead committing accidental suicide, going on a great adventure through a horrible land, all along something worse haunting her within. Appearing within her thoughts - specifically her memories - the 'No-Life King.' A memory-destroying monster/parasite, sort of a black-armored barbarian meets Freddy Kruger.  Throw in transforming animals and talking skulls, bikini girls and mountain gods, milk robots and broken-leg nurses, living castles, bottomless kisses, hungry ghosts, adult movie stars and a cast of hundreds.. It makes me happy to revisit these pages sometimes, as draining as it was to create it.

CoolToDie World

This was at a wild time in life, and I met so many interesting readers through this book's distribution. While rough around the edges - including an entire first chapter I would love to completely rewrite - some readers still say this is their favorite out of all of my books. On the other hand, someone also told me that a certain scene in here was the most revolting thing they had ever read and hated it. I call that a victory.