After the reasonable success of my 'Figboot Forest' toy line, it's time to introduce something new again! 'Reverse Metamorphs,' an infestation of bug and animal-like monsters falling backwards in their world.. Check back periodically for new mutations and flawed abominations!  **All toys are designed and hand-crafted by T.B.O.A. Sad**

Squirming out from the ground with death-dealing arms, the scythic slug pulls itself along faster than it should. It stalks the land quickly and finds nowhere it wants to go, eventually digging it's own grave and caving itself in to death.

The cocoon and transformation of a lesser creature into something more - this is the spell of nature. For the ineligible TractWorm though, and it's expectatious dreams, this is only the road to a slow rotting hell.

In the world of Reverse 'M,' there is one beast that began it all. 'Infectious Prime' is the vile creature that first carried the virus  - The black plague harbinger of starvation, devolution and defect.

 Unable to dig and incapable of surviving on it's own, the ghost-colored LegWorm appears almost beautiful in the rotten world. It follows dying life like a faithful dog, gaining protection until it can feed like the vulture it is. 

  With a molten body slightly burning through it's exoskeleton, RotHopper constantly hops in pain - Eating on the run and dying in a tiny, unnoticed blaze of glory.  

  With it's inner DoomsDay clock ticking down, the Suicide BullReaper deviates from a natural path. Unfeeding, mass breeding, living sick and ready to die, it's aggressive-depression is both it's attack as well as it's defeat. 

  Peaceful and ignorant, the Poison Skinshredder has no toxic sting or bite. It's body is destruction, venom skin shredding as it falls apart inside. 

 Please visit our Figboot Forest page for more dolls, and stay tuned for more exciting additions to the Reverse M line!

         'Reverse M' and the 'Figboot Forest' doll line are products of T.B.O.A. Sad's world of imagination! Frankensteined into life and hand-stitched, each monster is unique and 1 of a kind ~  Contact for custom order and pricing!