Figboot Forest™

The story of Figboot Forest..

 When a supernatural earthquake destroyed their underground homes, the Figboots were separated and cast into the outside world! What adventures await them through forest woods and dark trails? Enter the Figboot Forest for hair-raising danger and excitement!  ** All toys are designed and hand-crafted by T.B.O.A. Sad **

 Stirring the cauldron, Malreck and Malkil await travelers in the dark center of the Figboot Forest. Living in an empty house, the Witch Brothers cast a curse to all who pass through. 

 One of the Witch Brothers' cursed, 'S.C.D.' inhabits the land around their evil house, spelling doom and stalking the unwanted. Beneath it's stitched-hide mask is a long forgotten face. 

 An unfortunate victim of the evil Witch Brothers, ScumRat is found hiding near their house, shivering and alone. Half furless, he is quiet and innocent, hoping to run away. 

 Karasol lurks in the bogs of the Figboot Forest, waiting weeks for creatures to pass through. He is a coward, striking only when his prey is incapacitated and in a panic.  

 The female companion of Gorf, Pedrigal was lost in the supernatural earthquake and is now reunited with the Gorf Scouts. Separated from her love, she remains upbeat, looking for the positive in everything they see. Only she suspects the goodwill of Lufio ~ 

 An excited creature that lived beside Figboots, kept as a pet and quiet friend. Bibby was the pet of the deceased Figboot 'Beaumont,' and remains faithful, following the spirit - that only he can see - through the forest. 

  Gorf is a true hero of the Figboots, and tries never to let you down. He is always busy, constantly moving and exploring the woods. He travels through holes and caves, climbs through trees and jumps on rocks over water. Wherever there is a Figboot in danger, Gorf is always there ~ 

  The carefree Figboot, Goebel is Gorf's best friend and never awake for too long. Although he seems to be lazy, Goebel is quick to action in the face of danger. When awake, Goebel can be found gathering nuts and berries among the creatures of the forest. 

  A member of the 'Gorf Scouts,' he admires Gorf and knows every Figboot story and legend. The Gorf Scouts stick together and explore near the Figboot Camp, always managing to find themselves in some excitement - both real and make-believe.